Psychology of Politics

PsychePolitics applies psychology to politics. It goes far beyond the usual image creation of traditional political psychology. Rather, it traces our path from birth, through family, into the unconscious, and then out into the world–the political world. PsychePolitics explains what politicians think and do that comes from their unconscious pasts, usually misapplied to the adult world of real problems, in particular political problems to be solved in an endurable way.

The goal of PsychePolitics is to broaden and deepen the political discussion by adding the perspective of political psychoanalysis. As readers of this Internet Newspaper/Blog compose their own psychepolitical contributions, we will all learn more. More and more, our political decisions will be adult and rational. As the general population learns how to “hear with the third ear”, as psychiatrist do, they will be less and less influenced by politicians’ notions of what is best. Ultimately, people will be able to elect leaders who will truly benefit society, rather than those with impractical, personal, utopian ideologies of what is best.