Republicans – and JK – Are Still Missing The Point

Columnist Michael Graham misses the point in his article on Hillary Clinton, “No Record To Run On”, in the January 17 Boston Globe – and elsewhere. His article is in response to Time Magazine’s cover story lauding Hillary.

Graham shows how Hillary has not accomplished much. He considers this a negative, but he misses the point. Accomplishments don’t matter to lots of people. Accomplishments matter to the establishment and to conservatives and to Republicans. However, they do not matter so much to the disenfranchised, for whom accomplishment is seen as either working against them or as something other people do.

Remember, Barack Obama had no accomplishments, at least none at the national level, and he was elected. JFK actually did not want to be associated with any accomplishments before he ran. After all, you can’t please all the people all the time, so what one does becomes a negative for lots of people.

What really counts more than accomplishments and competency and judgment and intelligence is loyalty. Would you rather have a medium IQ’ed staffer who was totally loyal to you or a genius with a mind of his or her own. Right. The former. That’s something the establishment, conservatives, and Republicans would agree on.

So, whom will Hillary be loyal to? Well, we have an idea, but we cannot be certain. What she is, however, is a woman. She will see things through a female’s eyes and react with a female’s heart and values. Whether this is better or not does not matter. What matters is that females will rightly assume she’ll be loyal to female values, at least more loyal to them than a man will be – can be.

So, Hillary having no record to run on is likely to be a plus – less people to displease.

I’ve written about another person who doesn’t get that. He’s not a Republican, but he is a member of the establishment. He is John Kerry, whose presidential aspirations are pinned on accomplishing lots as Secretary of State. Even if he does, he’ll not get the female vote. Hillary will, because she’s more likely to be loyal to female values than he is. Period.

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