Kerry and Hillary are at it AGAIN!

About two years ago, before Barack Obama announced his candidacy for a second term, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry were positioning themselves to be his successor. That was my blog about vultures, circling the Obama carcass. Obama, however, was not dead, arose, and declared his candidacy. Hillary and Kerry backed off – for then.

Now, Hillary has spent lots of time and effort, aided by her husband Bill, positioning herself to be Obama’s successor. But what about Kerry? Remember, he, too, is a recent presidential aspirant, with an inner circle of people who must be encouraging him to stay in the fray and play.

Wasn’t that a major reason Kerry wanted to be Secretary of State? Oh, was it because of his longstanding interest in foreign affairs, his chairmanship of the Senante Foreign Affairs Committee, whatever? That played into it, but. . .

But let’s read ¬†below the surface, folks. Kerry’s still alive and kicking, as are his presidential ambitions.

So, why chose Secretary of State? How perfect! It’s consistent with his background, and with his chance to one-up Hillary, to show he’s the better – man -the more presidential one.

To do so, of course, Kerry has to hit a few home runs. One would be to secure a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. If so, he could even win a Nobel Prize, and have a great victory over Hillary.

Oops. Problem. Obama supports the Palestinians a bit too much for a deal. Oops, Iran has made Israel’s fear of its neighbors that much stronger, too strong to consider the notion of peace with them. Oops, Egypt erupted and shifted the focus from Israel and Palestine to, to, to something else.

So, Kerry will have to work harder, to find a nice little crisis to cure. Little crises win big prizes, too, you know, if really cured.

Good luck, John!

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