Obama’s Perfect Solution

Barack Obama sits and watches, as the kids are misbehaving, again. Please read that again, slowly.

That’s the unconscious perception of us all, that our president is like our parent. So, when the president does something, it is best he/she does it as a parent would.

The press, consciously, sees this as a struggle between equals, the President and Congress. After all, don’t they have the same power in the Constitution? Yes, but what about the unconscious of each and every American. The players are lining up like parent and fighting siblings.

So, here’s how Obama will likely play it – I say this, because he gets it, whether intuitively or from his advisers. He gets the dynamic.

If Obama fights with Congress as if they are equals, he may win, but he lowers himself in the public’s eyes. Instead, without saying so, he must act like a parent would – but whose parent?

Well, though all of our parents were different, there are some constants. Dad would give a little, chastise the kids for acting up, and go about his business. Mom’s do the same, though sometimes they are more open about their emotions. Whatever, Obama is the parent. He could act like Mom or Dad, though Dad would be more natural, for he is a dad.

So, he’d say something like, “Ok, Ok, you can stay up later and watch TV, but you still have to do your homework (or eat your vegetables, or whatever). If he doesn’t give a little, he’s not so parental, at least not 21st Century parental.

And if he pulls it off, he’ll enhance his position as parent/president. That’s his perfect solution – to give in a bit, chastise both “children” for fighting, and insist they carry out their child-role properly in the future.

Some would say he is already doing this, and they’d be right, because he gets it!


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